What Is a Responsible Cannabis Vendor?


A responsible cannabis vendor is an employee who is trained to handle and sell cannabis products in accordance with state rules and regulations. Employees who handle, sell or transport cannabis are typically required to complete state-accepted Responsible Vendor Training (RVT).

With the growing demand for skilled employees in the cannabis industry, it is critical to ensure all workers are trained to operate legally and responsibly. Responsible Vendor Training ensures that cannabis employees satisfy state training requirements and understand industry best practices for safe and legal sales.

Our 100% online RVT courses teach workers how to avoid illegal cannabis sales, maintain health and safety standards, follow labeling and record-keeping requirements and comply with other key laws and regulations for the cannabis industry.

Who Needs Responsible Vendor Training?

Employees of recreational and medical cannabis businesses, including the owners and operators of retail and hospitality establishments, are typically required to complete state-accepted Responsible Vendor Training.

Roles that need an RVT certificate can include:

  • Budtenders (retail salespersons)
  • Managers
  • Transporters
  • Delivery drivers
  • Business owners

Without a valid RVT certificate, employees cannot legally handle, sell or transport cannabis products.

What Topics Are Covered in Responsible Vendor Training?

RVT courses help ensure employees comply with training requirements for their state. This is an important step in qualifying employees to handle cannabis products, as well as educating them on performing legal and responsible sales.

Responsible Vendor Training educates employees about:

  • Federal and State-Specific Cannabis Laws
  • Effects of Cannabis on the Body
  • Safety Concerns Related to Cannabis Use
  • Responsible Retail Sales
  • Health and Safety Standards in the Cannabis Industry
  • Cannabis Packaging and Labeling Requirements
  • Cannabis Supply Chain and Recordkeeping
  • Transporting Cannabis Products
  • And More

Required training topics can vary from state to state, so it's critical to ensure your employees complete a state-accepted RVT course. Our online RVT programs are designed to comply with all state training requirements.

Benefits of Online RVT for Business Owners

Our flexible learning model makes it simple to assign training to your team, track course progress and access course certificates. Online courses allow employees to train at their own pace and satisfy state-specific cannabis regulations and requirements.

Benefits for single-state cannabis operators include:

  • Bulk purchase discounts. Qualify for base-rate discounts that increase according to the volume of courses purchased.
  • Vouchers. Purchase redeemable training vouchers and issue them to current and future employees as needed.
  • Automated enrollment and training management. Managers can register employees, track their progress and access certificates.
  • Verification. Certificates can be easily verified 24/7.

Multi-state operator benefits include:

  • Learning Management System (LMS) integration. We offer LMS integration to enterprise-level businesses that operate in multiple states. We can assist you in adding our courses to your existing LMS, allowing your employees to train on a familiar platform that's customized to your business needs.
  • Create job tracks. We can also help you develop a custom training curriculum that includes required training programs for specific job roles.
  • Automated enrollment and training management. Easily enroll employees in training, track their progress and access certificates.
  • Verification. Download and verify course certificates 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a budtender?

A budtender is a sales associate at a legal cannabis dispensary who assists customers with purchasing cannabis products. Like bartenders, budtenders serve an important customer service role in addition to facilitating sales.

Exceptional budtenders have a deep understanding of cannabis products and how each product affects the body. They educate customers about cannabis products, explain the effects of different types of cannabis and help customers find the right product to meet their needs and preferences.

Qualified budtenders also understand the legality of cannabis and are familiar with state laws and industry regulations that help ensure cannabis is sold safely and legally. They are trained to prevent illegal sales and follow industry requirements for health and safety.

Can employees complete Responsible Vendor Training online?

Yes, our Cannabis Responsible Vendor Training courses provide a 100% online instructional experience for employees seeking to become a qualified cannabis vendor. After completing budtender training and passing the final exam, employees and business owners can instantly download and print course certificates.

How long will it take for employees to earn an RVT certificate?

RVT programs typically take two to five hours to complete. The course length can vary from state to state based on local requirements. For example, Colorado Responsible Vendor Training includes at least two hours of education, and Massachusetts Responsible Vendor Training takes at least four hours to finish.

After learners complete the required course content and satisfy testing requirements, their certificate will be immediately available to view, download and print.

How long do RVT certificates remain valid?

The period of time that RVT certificates remain valid can vary depending on the specific course and state-specific regulations. Responsible Vendor Training is typically valid for one to three years. When an employee's certificate is about to expire, state regulations or business owners may require them to retake an RVT course in order to maintain their responsible vendor status. Aside from complying with state laws, retraining helps employees refresh their knowledge of legal requirements and industry best practices.