Online Cannabis Training for Delivery Employees


In many states, cannabis retail owners or managers that utilize direct-to-customer cannabis delivery must ensure delivery employees are thoroughly trained and hold a certificate or license. If you want your business to stay compliant, our convenient and state-approved online cannabis delivery training programs can help.

Our cannabis training courses offer the following benefits:

  • 100% Online
  • Self-Paced Training on a Flexible Schedule
  • Instant Certificate Download
  • Corporate Bulk Discount Pricing

In the cannabis seed-to-sale life cycle, delivery falls within the retail stage, in which a legal retailer provides cannabis products to qualified customers for personal use.

Who Needs Cannabis Delivery Training?

Common cannabis delivery job titles include:

  • Cannabis Delivery Driver
  • Cannabis Delivery Associate
  • Cannabis Delivery Specialist

To ensure cannabis products arrive to customers safely and legally, many states require businesses and employees to earn a certificate, license or permit to provide delivery services. Examples of this requirement include Colorado's Regulated Marijuana Delivery act and California's Type 9 and 10 retail licenses.

Depending on state regulations and requirements, delivery employees may need to complete delivery training and Responsible Vendor Training. States often require employees to retake these courses annually or after a specific number of years to remain compliant.

Even in states that don't have a specific license for cannabis delivery employees, all states where medical and adult-use marijuana is legal have training and licensing requirements for any employee that handles cannabis products. For delivery employees, specifically, this can include knowing state laws regarding cannabis possession limits, age verification, address verification and more.

Types of Cannabis Training for Delivery Employees

Specific training requirements for cannabis delivery drivers depend on state cannabis laws and local regulations. However, below is an overview of training categories that can help your employees meet state training requirements.

Responsible Vendor Training

Cannabis industry employees in a number of states must complete Responsible Vendor Training soon after starting work and retrain periodically to maintain a valid certificate.

We offer online and state-accepted Responsible Vendor Training programs that teach employees and owners how to perform safe and legal cannabis sales.

Course topics include:

  • State Cannabis Laws
  • Responsible Retail Sales
  • Health and Safety Standards in the Cannabis Industry
  • Cannabis Packaging and Labeling Requirements
  • Cannabis Product Recordkeeping
  • Verifying ID
  • Cannabis Product Delivery

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Cannabis Delivery Training

Cannabis delivery training expands upon the topics explored in Responsible Vendor Training. It gives more detailed education on topics like maintaining patient confidentiality, advanced identification techniques and de-escalation strategies.

Course topics include:

  • Verification of ID and Patient Registry Cards
  • Maintaining Confidentiality of Patients and Consumers
  • Identifying Yourself to Law Enforcement or Local Regulators
  • Strategies to De-Escalate Potentially Dangerous Situations
  • Developing an Emergency Action Plan

These topics are covered in Colorado Cannabis Delivery Training, but specific lessons may vary depending on state or local regulations.