Train with Cannabis Education Center

Whether your business operates in one state or many, our training expertise can help you grow your team's knowledge and stay compliant with legal and regulatory requirements. Through our partnerships with industry experts and more than 150 regulatory agencies, we develop training solutions for every stage of the cannabis life cycle.


First Things First: How Big Is Your Team?

Why Train with Us?

  • 100% online training is flexible, easy and convenient for you and your team. Access training 24/7.
  • Our seed-to-sale training solutions include new-hire training and continuing education for every stage of the cannabis life cycle, and our catalog is always growing. Don't see what you need? Let us know.
  • State-accepted and ANAB-accredited cannabis courses keep your business compliant with state-specific regulations and training requirements. Did you know Cannabis Education Center was #2 in the nation to receive accreditation under ASTM D8403-21 — a new standard the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) created specifically for the cannabis and hemp industries? Not all providers offer courses that satisfy this standard.
  • Operate in multiple states? We can build flexible course packages across state lines.
  • Request a quote to get the best price. We provide discounts that increase with the size of your order.

Ready to get started? Tell us about your group training needs and learn more about our enterprise solutions for large teams and multi-state operations.