Solutions to Set Your Cannabis Operation Apart

Whether your teams work seed-to-sale, manufacture cannabis products or strictly work in a retail setting, it is imperative that they understand how to keep themselves safe during growing and processing and to protect customers when selling cannabis.




Delivery Drivers


Cannabis Education Center's enterprise solutions are perfect for teams with 25 or more trainees. Get access to progressive discounts, with pricing that improves as the number of trainees increases. Purchase with confidence: We offer OSHA-authorized training and Responsible Vendor Training courses that are state approved or accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB).

For Teams of 25+

Progressive Enterprise Discounts

ANAB Accredited and State Accepted

Enterprise Training Solutions for Cannabis

Responsible Vendor 

For your budtenders, managers, transporters, delivery drivers and business owners, this course covers all applicable laws, labeling requirements, safety concerns and standards. Since each state requires different training topics, trainees need to complete a Responsible Vendor Training program that is accepted by their state. Our courses are designed to comply with all training requirements for each state in which we offer courses.

OSHA 10-Hour & 
Cal/OSHA Safety Training

Your team's required safety training, handled. This course covers common safety hazards your team will encounter no matter what part of the production or sales process they are part of, from inhalable hazards to required PPE, fall hazards and much more. Those who successfully complete this course receive an OSHA DOL card. Also available as Cal/OSHA, a state-specific workplace safety and health plan designed to protect California workers, and as a 30-Hour training course for management.

FUSION, our Learning Management System (LMS)

Use our best-in-class LMS for easy management of training, tracking course completion and housing all of your training courses virtually for easy 24/7/365 access to self-paced training courses and training management. Have your own LMS already? Our courses can be integrated into your LMS instead.

Why Cannabis Education Center for your Enterprise training needs?

  • Over 1.5 million satisfied customers trained annually across our brands
  • Perfect for multi-state operators: We offer courses that meet training requirements for each state in which your team works
  • Partner with trusted experts in safety and regulatory compliance
  • Corporate bulk discount pricing
  • 100% online and mobile-friendly courses
  • Manage training from start to finish and meet annual requirements
  • All solutions accessible via FUSION or available with integration into your LMS
  • Dedicated, U.S.-based support for business accounts via live chat, email & toll-free phone

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