State-Approved Cannabis Training for Illinois Workers


In 2019, Illinois legalized the sale and use of recreational cannabis by passing the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act. State law requires cannabis industry employees at retail and medical establishments to earn a Responsible Vendor Training certificate within 90 days of starting employment. The law also mandates annual retraining.

Cannabis Education Center is approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) to provide 100% online Responsible Vendor Training. This program is designed for employees who handle, sell or transport cannabis products, including budtenders and salespersons, transport agents, managers and business owners.

Our Illinois Responsible Vendor Training course provides cannabis business owners a flexible training solution for their workforce. Students will learn Illinois cannabis laws, cannabis product knowledge and industry standards for safe and responsible sales.

About Illinois Cannabis Responsible Vendor Training

Our 100% online Illinois Responsible Vendor Training program is ideal for any employee of an adult-use or medical cannabis business, including budtenders, transporters, managers, owners and other vendors. The self-paced course takes about three hours to complete.

Learning objectives include:

  • Recall laws and regulations related to the sale and use of cannabis products
  • Discuss the health effects of cannabis use on the human body
  • Identify signs of impairment and appropriate intervention techniques for impaired cannabis users
  • List methods for assisting customers and checking identification to prevent illegal sales
  • Know health, safety, security and packaging standards for cannabis sales
  • Outline the cannabis seed-to-sale distribution and recordkeeping process
  • Describe best practices related to cannabis product delivery

Each learning module ends with a five-question quiz that requires a score of 80% or higher to continue to the next section. To finish the course and earn a Responsible Vendor Training certificate, learners must pass a 40-question final exam with a score of 70% or higher.

Employees have an unlimited number of attempts to pass each quiz and the final exam, so they're guaranteed to pass the course. Upon successful course completion, certificates are instantly available to download and print.

Illinois Responsible Vendor Training Outline

The Illinois Responsible Vendor Training course includes eight modules that cover all topics required by the IDFPR. Below is a full overview of each module.

Module 1: Illinois Cannabis Laws

Topics covered in Module 1 include:

  • Governance
  • Establishment Licensing and Court Sanctions
  • Local Cannabis Ordinances
  • Personal Use
  • Medical and Retail Sales
  • Taxation

Learning objectives include:

  • Summarize Illinois state cannabis laws that regulate the sale, possession and use of cannabis
  • State regulations and taxation information for medical and retail cannabis dispensaries
  • Understand governance requirements for product manufacturers, cannabis retailers, medical cannabis treatment centers, craft cooperatives, cannabis couriers, cannabis research facilities, cannabis testing and standards laboratories, and cannabis microbusinesses

Module 2: Effects of Cannabis on the Human Body

Topics covered in Module 2 include:

  • Physical Effects of Cannabis Use
  • Mental Effects of Cannabis Use
  • Short- and Long-Term Effects
  • Interactions with Other Substances

Learning objectives include:

  • Describe the physical and mental effects of cannabis consumption on the human body
  • Explain the risks of mixing cannabis with other substances, such as alcohol, tobacco, prescription medications or illegal drugs

Module 3: Safety Concerns Related to Cannabis Use

Topics covered in Module 3 include:

  • Signs of Impairment
  • Unintentional Consumption and Overconsumption
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Implied Consent
  • DUI Penalties
  • Impaired Driving Prevention

Learning objectives include:

  • Recognize signs of impairment caused by cannabis use
  • Recall appropriate intervention techniques for handling unintentional consumption or overconsumption of cannabis
  • Summarize Illinois laws related to driving under the influence (DUI)

Module 4: Responsible Retail Sales

Topics covered in Module 4 include:

  • Product Knowledge
  • Medical Cannabis Sales
  • Lower-Dose Cannabis products
  • Prohibited Sales
  • Observing Customers
  • Business Advertising
  • Steps for Checking ID
  • Preventing Illegal and Underage Sales
  • Inspections and Decoy Programs

Learning objectives include:

  • Determine methods for assisting and advising customers purchasing cannabis
  • Identify types of valid ID for age verification
  • Describe how to check identification in a manner that prevents underage sales

Module 5: Health and Safety Standards in the Cannabis Industry

Topics covered in Module 5 include:

  • Health and Safety Standards
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Prohibited Actions
  • Illinois Inventory Tracking and Reporting
  • Safe Storage of Cannabis
  • Cannabis Establishment Security
  • Sanitation Procedures and Worker Training
  • Waste Handling and Disposal
  • Cannabis Waste Disposal
  • Waste Container Control

Learning objectives include:

  • List health and safety standards concerning the personal hygiene of staff persons and protective clothing provided by employers
  • State health and safety standards related to the security of the establishment, as well as sanitation and waste management

Module 6: Cannabis Packaging and Labeling Requirements

Topics covered in Module 6 include:

  • Cannabis Packaging Requirements
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Labeling and Packaging Materials
  • Exit Packaging
  • Child-Resistant and Tamper-Evident Packaging
  • Cannabis Labeling Protocol
  • Prohibited Labeling
  • Warning Labels
  • Packaging and Labeling for Cannabis-Infused Products

Learning objectives include:

  • Explain sustainability, tracking and security requirements for cannabis packaging
  • List information, nutrition and warning labeling requirements for cannabis packaging

Module 7: Cannabis Supply Chain and Recordkeeping

Topics covered in Module 7 include:

  • Cannabis Retail Distribution
  • Supply Chain
  • Inventory Tracking Regulations
  • Records Management
  • Records Inventory List
  • Patient Records

Learning objectives include:

  • Discuss the stages that comprise the cannabis seed-to-sale supply chain
  • Recall regulations related to inventory tracking and recordkeeping

Module 8: Cannabis Product Transport

Topics covered in Module 8 include:

  • Cannabis Transport Personnel
  • Transporter Organizations and Agents
  • Transport Best Practices

Learning objectives include:

  • List eligibility requirements and responsibilities for transport organizations and agents
  • Discuss security measures for transporting cannabis between facilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase Illinois Responsible Vendor Training for my entire team?

Yes. Managers and business owners can buy multiple courses at once to ensure new and existing employees can complete their training ahead of the state-required deadline. Fill out the form below to request a custom quote and get started.

Who needs Illinois Responsible Vendor Training?

This course is designed for cannabis industry employees in Illinois who handle, sell or transport cannabis. This includes budtenders, managers and a variety of other employees who work for the dispensary and support its operations.

Workers who need to complete Responsible Vendor Training include:

  • Budtenders and Retail Managers
  • Medical Dispensary Agents
  • Transport Agents and Managers
  • Owners
  • Cannabusiness Operators

Illinois law requires employees to complete this training within 90 days of hire, and they must retake the course annually to refresh their knowledge.

What are the licensing requirements for Illinois budtenders?

Budtenders or dispensary employees must meet the following Illinois license requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Pass a federal and state criminal background check
  • Complete Responsible Vendor Training within 90 days of employment

In addition, Illinois cannabis employees must retake the Responsible Vendor Training course annually. It is also important for workers to stay up to date on all Illinois cannabis laws and regulations.

What are the testing requirements for Illinois Cannabis Responsible Vendor Training?

To receive a Responsible Vendor Training certificate, learners must pass a final exam at the end of the course. The 40-question final exam has a 180-minute time limit, and students have an unlimited number of attempts to pass with a score of 70% or higher.

To keep students engaged throughout the course, we included five-question quizzes at the end of each learning module. Quizzes require a passing score of 80% or higher. Learners can retake each quiz until they pass.

When do students receive their Illinois Responsible Vendor Training certificates?

Course certificates are available to download and print immediately after students complete the course. Certificates are also emailed to your employees. Responsible Vendor Training certificates expire one year from the issue date. Illinois requires cannabis industry employees to retake the course annually to maintain a valid certificate.

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