Colorado MED-Approved Hospitality Training

In May 2019, the Colorado state legislature passed House Bill 19-1230 — also known as the Marijuana Hospitality Bill — which legalized marijuana hospitality establishments and the social consumption of marijuana in licensed retail facilities. Employees of these facilities, including owners and managers, are required to complete state-approved training.

Our 100% online Colorado Cannabis Hospitality Training course is state approved and designed for employees of licensed marijuana hospitality businesses. It educates new and existing employees on key regulations, safety, professionalism, communication and product knowledge. Becoming a responsible cannabis vendor is a state requirement that helps prevent unethical practices, such as selling to minors or intoxicated patrons.

Types of businesses that can earn a hospitality license include:

  • Tasting Rooms
  • Social Lounges
  • Cafes
  • Cannabis Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Dispensaries
  • Music Venues
  • And more

About Colorado Cannabis Hospitality Training


This 30-minute course is easy to navigate and can be completed 100% online. The course includes audio narration and an instant certificate download. You can even streamline your team's state-required training with a convenient course package that combines hospitality training with Colorado Cannabis Responsible Vendor Training.

Topics covered in cannabis hospitality training include:

  • Gauging user experience with regulated marijuana
  • Options for lower-dose products
  • Resources from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Marijuana Enforcement Division (CDPHE-MED)
  • Handling a law enforcement or regulator investigation
  • Identification methods during an interaction with law enforcement, division employees or local regulators
  • Poly-substance interactions with marijuana
  • Resources to decrease impaired driving, including safe transportation options
  • Visible signs of alcohol and drug impairment
  • Responding to adverse events, such as overconsumption, dehydration and poly-substance use
  • De-escalation strategies for interacting with intoxicated consumers
  • Handling potentially dangerous situations

Testing Requirements

Colorado Cannabis Hospitality Training includes six brief quizzes and a final exam. The quizzes are designed to help learners review course topics and can be retaken as many times as desired.

The course ends with a 20-question final exam that requires a minimum passing score of 70%. Learners have unlimited attempts to take the exam, so they're guaranteed to pass. The exam is untimed.

Colorado Hospitality Training Outline

This course includes one learning module that covers hospitality topics required by Colorado MED. Explore a full overview of the course outline below.

Module 1: Managing Cannabis in a Hospitality Business

Topics covered:

  • Recommending Marijuana Products
  • THC Strengths for Types of Cannabis Products
  • Using Marijuana Responsibly
  • Using Marijuana with Other Substances
  • Recognizing Signs of Impairment
  • Interactions with Other Substances
  • Strategies for Refusing Service and Discouraging
  • Preventing Impaired Driving
  • Handling an Investigation
  • Identifying Yourself to Law Enforcement
  • Responding to an Adverse Event
  • What to Do if Emergency Responders Are Called
  • Recognizing and Responding to Violent Situations
  • Make an Emergency Action Plan

Learning objectives include:

  • Discuss how customers' varying experience with marijuana affects their reactions to it and options for lower-dose marijuana products
  • List resources available from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment about responsible marijuana use
  • Identify signs of alcohol and drug impairment
  • Describe how other substances may interact with marijuana
  • List resources to prevent impaired driving
  • Describe how to identify yourself to law enforcement, Marijuana Enforcement Division employees and local regulators
  • Discuss risks and potential responses to adverse events like overconsumption, altitude sickness, dehydration, etc.
  • Explain what to do during an investigation or medical/emergency service
  • List strategies to de-escalate interactions with intoxicated consumers and potentially dangerous situations

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs cannabis hospitality training?

Hospitality training is required for employees who work in licensed marijuana hospitality businesses in Colorado, including salespersons, owners and managers. Individuals must be at least 21 years old to sell and handle cannabis products. Additionally, cannabis industry employees must complete Responsible Vendor Training within 90 days of starting employment.

Hospitality training is required for employees and owners of businesses licensed for on-site consumption, including:

  • Retail Dispensaries
  • Tasting Rooms/Hospitality Lounges
  • Cannabis Restaurants
  • Social Clubs
  • Cafes
  • Cannabis Hotels
  • Music Venues
  • And More

Can I purchase Colorado Cannabis Hospitality Training for my entire team?

Yes! You can purchase multiple courses at once to ensure employees, managers and owners are properly trained and compliant with state regulations. Explore our bulk pricing to get started.

What is the legality of on-site marijuana consumption in Colorado?

Social consumption of marijuana is legal in Colorado. House Bill 19-1230 legalized tasting room establishments and bring-your-own-cannabis establishments. Both types of businesses need to be properly licensed.

Local municipalities have the choice to ban social consumption lounges within their legal jurisdiction or create specific local licensing requirements. Businesses that wish to have a social consumption license cannot also hold a liquor license.

What are the types of marijuana hospitality licenses?

The two types of marijuana hospitality licenses include:

  • Tasting room. Businesses sell marijuana and related products for on-site consumption.
  • Bring your own cannabis. Consumers bring their own cannabis products to consume on site — the business cannot sell marijuana.

Is refresher training required?

Yes. Colorado requires employees of licensed marijuana hospitality businesses to complete refresher training every two years. This course satisfies requirements for new employee training and refresher training.

Can I combine cannabis hospitality training with Responsible Vendor Training?

Yes. For a comprehensive training experience, you can purchase Colorado Responsible Vendor Training + Hospitality, which includes both state-required courses. Enhance your team's knowledge of safe and responsible cannabis sales while meeting Colorado MED requirements for hospitality training.

When will employees receive their certificates?

Course certificates are available via instant download upon course completion.

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