State-Approved Cannabis Delivery Training for Colorado Workers

In 2021, Colorado passed House Bill 19-1234, making it legal for cannabis retailers to deliver marijuana products directly to customers. The bill requires retail and medical cannabis businesses to apply for a delivery permit and ensure all delivery employees complete both delivery training and Responsible Vendor Training.

Whether your business is looking expand delivery services with new employees or retrain current employees, Cannabis Education Center can connect you with online cannabis delivery training approved by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment's Marijuana Enforcement Division (Colorado MED).

About Colorado Cannabis Delivery Training


The Cannabis Delivery Training Course is designed for employees who transport or deliver cannabis for a licensed marijuana businesses with a delivery permit. The self-paced course takes at least 20 minutes to complete. With our convenient Cannabis Responsible Vender Training + Delivery course package, your employees can be trained to complete safe and legal cannabis deliveries and sales in less than three hours.

Key learning competencies include:

  • Verification of identification and patient registry cards required before delivering Regulated Marijuana to a patient or consumer
  • Maintaining confidentiality of patients' and consumers' personally identifiable information
  • Methods for Licensees to identify themselves and verify the delivery permit during an interaction with law enforcement, Division employees or local regulators
  • Strategies to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations, including the development of an emergency action plan

To finish the course and earn a state-accepted completion certificate, learners must pass a 10-question exam with a score of 70% or higher. The exam has an unlimited number of attempts, so employees are guaranteed to pass the course. Upon successful course completion, certificates are instantly available to download and print.

Testing Requirements

Colorado Cannabis Hospitality Training includes six brief quizzes and a final exam. The quizzes are designed to help learners review course topics and can be retaken as many times as desired.

The course ends with a 20-question final exam that requires a minimum passing score of 70%. Learners have unlimited attempts to take the exam, so they're guaranteed to pass. The exam is untimed.

Colorado Hospitality Training Outline

The Colorado Cannabis Delivery Training Course includes one module that covers the topics required by the Colorado MED. Below is a full overview of the course content.

Module 1: Handling Cannabis Delivery

Topics covered:

  • Verifying ID
  • Maintaining Confidentiality
  • Identifying Yourself
  • Handling Potentially Dangerous Situations
  • Making an Emergency Action Plan
  • Responding to an Adverse Event
  • What to Do if Emergency Responders Are Called

Learning objectives include:

  • Verify ID and patient registry cards before completing a delivery
  • Describe reasons and methods for maintaining confidentiality of personally identifiable information
  • Recall methods for identifying yourself to law enforcement, Marijuana Enforcement Division employees and local regulators
  • Discuss strategies to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase Colorado Cannabis Delivery Training for multiple employees?

Yes. Managers and business owners can buy multiple courses at once to ensure new and existing employees complete their training and stay compliant. Fill out the form below to request a quote and get started.

Can I bundle Cannabis Delivery Training with Responsible Vendor Training?

Yes. Because Colorado law requires all retail cannabis employees to complete Responsible Vendor Training, we offer a convenient course package that includes both courses for new and existing team members.

Who needs Colorado Cannabis Delivery Training?

According to Colorado law, any employee working for a retail cannabis business with a direct-to-consumer delivery permit, including Marijuana Transporters, must take delivery-specific training and have a valid Responsible Vendor Certification.

What are the requirements for cannabis delivery drivers in Colorado?

To become a cannabis delivery driver in Colorado, employees must:

  • Be at least 21 years old with a valid Colorado driver's license
  • Have a Responsible Vendor Certification and take delivery-specific training
  • Have no felony convictions within the past three years
  • Have a delivery vehicle with a security alarm system, video surveillance, secure storage and a real-time tracking system for recording delivery routes

Is cannabis delivery legal in Colorado?

Yes. In 2019, the Colorado House enacted Bill 19-1234, which legalized medical and retail cannabis in the state. Medical delivery became legal January 2020, and retail delivery was legalized in January 2021.

While cannabis delivery is permitted statewide, local municipalities and counties have the ability to opt in or opt out of delivery services. Check your local regulations for more details.

When will my employees receive their Colorado Cannabis Delivery Training certificate?

Employees can download and print course certificates immediately after completing the course. Certificates are also emailed to your employees. Cannabis Delivery certificates expire two years from the issue date.

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